Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gallo-Roman weekend

This weekend there was a Gallo-Roman festival in Wervik, near the French border. People were dressed and 'lived' as in the very old times... I found the details of the clothes and the whole event amazing. Many people were doing things as during the Gallo-Roman period. Even the food and vine were as before!

There were demonstrations of the Roman army's various ways to attack. The warriors were moving in their choreography while the commander was shouting in Latin! I couldn't stop thinking about Asterix and his adventures with the Romans... "Hulluja nuo roomalaiset!"

We got a wonderful presentation about the vines; how they were done, what was in them, how the taste develops in your mouth,... with the tasting, naturally. One of the oddest vines was the one made with sea water. You can really taste the salt in it. Most (all?) vines included honey and herbs or spices. The person who made the explanations was really enthusiastic about the vines and tried out the recipes himself. The (archaeological Roman) vines came from France; Mas de Tourelles is the place were they prepare vine according to the recipes of Cesar's period.

PS. I bought one bottle of Turriculae vine!...


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