Tuesday, February 12, 2008

EKF Referee Seminar in Brussels

This weekend the annual EKF referee seminar was held in Brussels. It was really great to meet friends all over Europe and practise kendo together... not to mention the sharing of the refresments after the hard keiko!

The examinations took place on Sunday after the refereeing business. Great results for the ladies: there are 3 new 6th dan in Europe! Mirial, Chieko and Christiane; well done, congratulations to you all!!! There were in total 49 candidates for the 6th dan exam, only 7 passed. No one of the 12 candidates passed the 7th dan...

It was always a long wait for the shiai...

Now we are waiting for the selection for the European Kendo Championships in Helsinki. That'll be The Next Big Event!


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